Soil Erosion

Dear Gamvasi,

The Poona River runs through our Bodali Gam and flows into the sea at Dandi. On top of this, tidal water fills the river to the brim twice a day. During the monsoon season we have had serious floods also, which have consequently led to serious soil erosion over the years.

In addition to these two events, the building of a protection wall at Tavdi changed the original course of the river and sent the waters with great force directly hitting the Gam and the extraction of sand brought in sea water with great force accelerating the erosion. As a result, several families have lost acres of land in Khandarak and part of Khadi Falia.

Our Gam authorities have, in the past, tried unsuccessfully to put a stop to sand extraction and the menace of hundreds of lorries laden with wet sand passing at speed through the Gam, causing serious safety problems and damage to the roads. With regret we have to say that Gam’s failure is because of powerful lobbying by individuals with commercial interests.

To resolve this problem our Gam has submitted a petition to the Higher Authorities in Navsari and a copy has been sent to Shree Narendra Modi. So far there has been no reaction from the authorities. We should not be surprised if there is no response.

Now that the Gam has started to tackle the problem, it is our duty to ensure that the whole process does not lose momentum. Since we have a population of nearly 3000 Gamvasi in this country, we have decided to send a petition independently on behalf of BSM (UK) to support the Gam petition. The NRI community has no personal agenda. We care for our Gam and we need to take action. Gandhinagar is aware of NRI’S contribution in raising the living standards of the local people.

The Management Committee of Bodali Seva Mandal UK is fully supporting this action. We ask you and your family to support this initiative by completing the web petition form or signing the petition slip sent with the Samelaan invitiation. Please return the signed slip in the envelope provided by 11th September 2011. You will also be able to sign the petition at the Samelaan.

Thank you.

Management Committee, BSM (UK)

Correspondence to: The Secretary: 267 SWAKELEYS ROAD, ICKENHAM. MIDDX. UB10 8DR