Meeting – Water Issues

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Mail 9 Jan 12

You are aware that our former President Shree Ramanbhai M Patel is in Bodali for the last two months. He has been busy particularly on two projects that we have asked him to help with.

First, the Computer Lab in our school in Bodali. With a generous donation from Dr. Ramanbhai we now have the additional 7 computers making a total of 15. All fully functional. The good news is that he has been canvassing for the youths to come and learn computing. The response has been more than satisfactory. 94 youths (over 75% of them girls) have enrolled. 4 groups have been formed and a teacher will coach them over the weekends. The skill they acquire will help them get a job. For this success we thank Ramanbhai.

Second and equally important. Building of the 2nd Water Tank. Ramanbhai managed to get the contractors on the site again and the work is scheduled to finish by the end of February. He also had the water tested. It has been found that the water our Gam drinks is not fit for consumption at all let alone human consumption.

The attached leaflet is a notice of a well canvassed Gam Meeting called for 19th February 2012. It outlines the agenda where expert information will be given and details of water borne diseases explained. The long term effect is said to be disastrous.

In the circumstances a Water Filter Plant is of top priority.

Ramanbhai, in his email has appealed for Funds. Please read his appeal below.

I very much hope that you as an individual, or as family or as a country Association will volunteer the required funds.

Please reply direct to Ramanbhai, or any of our Bodali Seva Mandal UK Committee members.

All funds will be very gratefully received.

This meeting has been called after obtaining approval from Sarpanchand his team. It  has not been forced upon them by a NRI. The leaflet gives all the details of what is to be discussed.

The cost of Water filteration plant and the 200Sq.ft room toaccommodate it is estimated in the region of Rs. 6 Laks. Bodali Gam islooking for donors, individual or a group or residence of a particularcountry.

I will be very grateful if anyone is interested can contact me via the website. I will be able to discuss logistic of the project with them I need to hear from anyone before the meeting 19th of February 2012.

With best wishes fro Bodali Ramanbhai M. Patel


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