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This year, the Samelaan will take place on Sunday 13th September 2015 at Shree Krishna Mandir, Old Meeting Street, West Bromwich,B70 9SZ. We can also reflect on our past activities and provide an update on news and development which have taken place here in the UK and in Bodali.

Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Bodali Two storey building, adjacent to the Mandir, has now been completed. – The ground floor of this building has two rooms and in addition separate toilet washroom facility for the devotees. The first floor construction has also two rooms for general purposes. The installation of Marble canopy for Laxmi Narayan Mandir has been completed. Painting of Laxmi Narayan Mandir has been completed, which was funded by Shree Maganbhai and Babubhai L Patel of New Zealand and they have also agreed to fund for the painting of the Mandir next time.

Road work and Guttering:-Majority of the streets and roads are now tarmaced or blocked paved. These projects were funded from the government grants.

Bodali Street Lighting Project: 85 lights have now been installed on the main ring roads in the Bodali Gam and fully working.

Investment of funds in India – We have now opened a Fixed Deposit (FD) account in Bank of Baroda –Bodali Branch. £10,000 from the general funds in UK was transferred to Bank of Baroda – Bodali Branch for opening of the FD account.

New Water Tank: – Repair of leaking water tank has now been completed and painted.

Bodali School Ground Facility and Equipment for Disabled People:-School ground facility, at Bodali and Khandarak school have been installed and in full use. Equipment for the disabled people has now been purchased and is in use.

Sheds at Talavs:- – Four sheds (shelter) have been erected at talavs in Bodali.

Bodali School Award: – The Bodali School was awarded Sarva Shiksa Abhiyan Green project and received a 3 KW solar power system as a first prize.

Future Projects:-

  • The need to deepen Khadi as a small pilot project to reduce flooding in some areas during the monsoon season.
  • Meals for old people living on their own.
  • Protection wall at Crematorium to be built from government grants.
  • Need to purchase a trailer to cart away the rubbish to a designated area.
  • Health – A study required to determine what type of care or diagnose of illness can be provided i.e. free checks of diabetics, blood pressure, physiotherapy etc., and bearing in mind the livelihood of the local doctors.
  • Ask government as to what help can be provided to reduce illiteracy, poverty, improve level of health and clean environment (awareness)
  • Cricket ground – Pavilion
  • Providing First Aid equipment and training – this is to be taken further with the Gam, and further study will be done. Train pupils and a school teacher, this will assist in education and also save lives

Other Gam News:-

  • Republic Day (Bodali) 26 January 2015, was success and raised Rs 1,97,000
  • The population in Bodali is approx. 3600, and has over the 700 houses. – Information.
  • Most of the household now have toilets facility, partly funded by the government.

Finally, we would like to thank and congratulate Shree Randhirbhai (Sarpanch) for liaising with Mandals abroad and working with youths of Bodali in taking the Gam forward. Ramanbhai Motibhai Patel in ensuring the repairing of the Water Tank – the most difficult task, installation of playground facility at Bodali and Khandark Schools, Sheds at Talavs and procuring equipment for disabled people. Morrisbhai for securing donation and overseeing construction work of the 2 storey building, adjacent to Laxmi Narayan Mandir.

Once again Namaste and thank you to all of you and look forward to seeing you at the Samelaan in West Bromwich.

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